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How P4 increased at 150% their sales with 2op

In times of crisis, economic instability and decline of forecasts in the market, to be able to maintain or increase sales it seems impossible, right? No! In these times, companies need to innovate to survive and continue growing.

Being shaken with the moment, regret, complain and predict terrible things (like closing down the company) are always the easiest alternatives and also the choices of many entrepreneurs.

However, those who choose the long way and work tends to reap excellent results.

To prove by A + B that this theory makes sense, we will introduce you to P4 Telecom case. The internet plans company in Xanxerê, the west of Santa Catarina, decided to innovate with digital marketing strategies. The result was surprising: in about three months, the monthly turnover has doubled and the number of sales increased by 150%.

The beginning

P4 Telecom idea to invest, bet and implement this work came about through the partnership with 2op Propaganda. Together, they realized that the Internet, which should be one of the company's main client acquisition channels, was giving no effective return on the increase in the number of prospects.

The agency then analyzed the market and set Digital Marketing strategies that could generate concrete and measurable results for the company. 2op identified that specific content production for each stage of the buying journey would be one of the first steps to increase traffic and sales.

The actions

Since then, several initiatives have been undertaken, including website redesign, blog creation, Facebook management, investment in paid media (Facebook Ads and Google AdWords) and landing pages with specific online campaigns to generate new Leads (potential clients).

2op was also responsible for setting SEO in company's blog and website, monitoring keywords to improve P4's positioning in Google searches. And for all this to work effectively, the agency also held a sales consulting team to P4 Telecom, to increase the leads conversion to customers.

The results

Increase in business opportunities

Increase in sales

Increase in monthly revenues

In two months, supported by a marketing automation tool, content production, SEO and investment in paid media, the company's site traffic has doubled. There was 100% increase in the number of unique users who visit the site monthly.

Moreover, with the creation of landing pages and nutrition campaigns, leads generation and the indication of services also increased: the company managed to increase by 150% the number of sales, 400% business opportunities and 100% monthly revenues.

Watch the video below to learn more!

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